Business Communications

Elevate workplace efficiency with advanced technology-driven business communications.

Business Communications with StartCloud

Elevate your business communications with seamless unified communications integration

Are you ready to take your business communications to the next level? Look no further. StartCloud offers cutting-edge Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solutions designed to revolutionize the way you connect and collaborate. As your trusted partner, we bring together leading UCaaS providers like  Cisco Webex8×8, and Microsoft Teams to deliver tailored communication solutions that align perfectly with your business needs.

What sets StartCloud apart is our commitment to providing seamless integration of UCaaS into your existing systems. Say goodbye to communication silos and hello to streamlined operations. With our expertise, you can unlock a wealth of benefits that UCaaS has to offer.

Boost Productivity

Empower your team to communicate and collaborate effortlessly across different channels and devices. Whether they’re in the office or on the go, our UCaaS solutions ensure uninterrupted connectivity, enhancing productivity like never before.

Foster Collaboration

Break down barriers and facilitate meaningful collaboration among your employees, no matter where they are located. From video conferencing to instant messaging, our UCaaS platforms promote seamless communication, driving innovation and teamwork.

Streamline Operations

Simplify your communication infrastructure and reduce complexity with our integrated UCaaS solutions. By centralising your communication tools, you can streamline processes, cut costs, and improve efficiency across the board.

Why settle for outdated communication methods when you can embrace the future of business communications? Elevate your business with StartCloud’s comprehensive UCaaS solutions and stay ahead of the curve. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can transform your business communications landscape.

Solutions built around your requirements...

Cloud Calling

Cloud Calling

Modern communication solution that enables users to make phone calls over the internet using our platform.



Versatile platform for virtual collaboration. Features include video conferencing, screen sharing, chat, and file sharing for productive discussions.

Unified Chat

Unified Chat

Instant messaging platform facilitating real-time communication and collaboration among users, enhancing team connectivity and productivity.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Integrated communication platform for voice and video calls, messaging, and collaboration, streamlining team communication and productivity.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

Unified communication tool offering voice calling, video calling, and messaging for seamless business communication and collaboration efficiency.

Application Integration

Application Integration

Amplify your teams productivity by seamlessly integrating your business applications with our advanced communication platform.

Collaboration devices

Discover our innovative range of devices tailored to suit every work style and workspace, promoting productivity and collaboration in both focused and team-oriented environments.

Business Communications with StartCloud

Collaboration begins with Unified Communications

Anywhere Telephony

Explore the potential of a unified phone system, featuring smart call routing, voicemail, and seamless integration with third-party applications.

Messaging & Presence

Experience the ease of instant messaging across various platforms. Stay informed about people’s availability and connect with them anywhere.

Video & Sharing

Easily collaborate and present with face-to-face video meetings and desktop sharing capabilities, simplifying teamwork and presentations.

UC and Call Centre solutions underpinned by industry experience

For all your unified communications and contact centre needs, rely on StartCloud. Our expert team tailors solutions to your requirements. Whether you’re seeking seamless integration of communication tools or efficient call center operations, our professional voice and communications specialists provide expert advice and support every step of the way. 

Mining & Engineering

Optimise mining and engineering operations with a comprehensive cloud platform linking top floor, shop floor, suppliers, and contact centre for improved efficiency and visibility.


Unify your mission. Empower donors and volunteers with integrated team messaging, video meetings, and a business phone, all within a single application. Energise your community.

Aged Care

Inadequate communication and siloed teams can hinder patient care. Aged Care providers need streamlined systems to optimise teamwork and communication.

Professional Services

Strengthen client connections through secure cloud communication, facilitating growth and collaboration, all while operating remotely. Elevate your business relationships to new heights.

Collaborate on anything with your team.

Get in touch to discuss enhancing communication and efficiency within your business. Let’s optimise your operations together.